Black Lives Matter - Elvis Vigil

The annual Elvis vigil at Graceland is free and open to the public, but by the time it rolled around, the authorities decided they'd had enough. So while these folks smile and pose for photos with mounted police:

This guy is threatened with arrest just for approaching the vigil:

Elvis fans enjoy a live performance by impersonators under a tent:

While less than a block away, these folks can only cheer from behind a guarded barricade:

And as these people casually saunter past military-grade police vehicles:

These people remain corralled in a "Free Speech Zone" just yards away:

Heavy rain eventually caused both the demonstration and the vigil to thin out.

An interesting show of force though. This year's vigil is Tues, Aug. 15. It's unclear if any major actions are planned, but I'll certainly be there again if you're interested.